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    “Oom Tobie” (Uncle Tobie) – a storyteller of note – must be one of the funniest people on earth. Every simple sentence gets a dose of his dry Karoo humour – with side-splitting results. When I was summoned to collect my bag full of lemons, Oom Tobie’s right hand “Pastoor” (Pastor) was called upon to pick the lemons from the tree. Unfortunately we had to wait a while, because Pastoor was off taking Chloe – Oakdale’s famous English bulldog – for her morning workout in the park. While we waited Oom Tobie and I shared culinary stories and chatted about how he loves pickling olives – he had a couple of jars brewing in the garage. And so it came about that he told me about the time he had “pampoentjies” (mumps) and had to stay at home on the farm in De Aar where he grew up – the only boy in a family of girls. One morning when everyone left for school and work, he decided to try his hand at donuts – a firm family favourite at that time. Recipe in hand, he got all the ingredients together. First, the cup of flour was put in a bowl. To his surprise, this cup of flour looked extremely sparse, especially if the whole family had to share in this delicious treat. Thus he thought it well to add 7 more cups of flour. Needless to say, to make a long story short(er), there was hardly a soul in De Aar who didn’t get a small complimentary brown bag full of donuts. Alas, I went home, still laughing, with a bag full of the funniest lemons ever. Oom Tobie goes down as one of my favourite people of all time.


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